Grandma beauty

Since i'm a child, i watch your face
Completely blind, it's over grace
Fold, wrinkle and blurred green eyes
Gold, subtle and brand old glasses

Fascinated, I scan your skin
Can't stop touching, this is so thin
This fifty shades of white and grey
Wonderful hair, thanks to the spray

I missed the words to describe you
I just can't stop looking at you
I see the time on your forehead
I take this before you are dead

Looking with your mischievous glance
I catch your look, it's so intense
Hands like geography of time
Fingers and nails, without a crime

Playing with them, so elastic
It makes you laugh, you stay drastic
Not asking someone to rescue
You let me do, 'til it turns blue

Old clothes, without any fleck
Silk and soft scarf around your neck
Sad colors, pilling pullover
Just a gold ring, lucky clover

All this canyons on your body
They make you strong, such a beauty
Your hands hold your beautiful face
Silence and calm, you're such a grace

Back hurts, but you never complain
Years passed, and you forgot the pain
I admire you, family queen
Strongest person I ever seen

Grandma depression

She's there, sitting on grandpa's chair
He's not there, she misses her pair
Time pass, children grow, nothing new
Human routine, problems of view

Alone when it comes to the Fall
You wait for visit, ring or call
Even during summer, you're cold
It grabs you to the bone, you told

You're lost in this new apartment
Searching grandpa, not relevant
It's been ten years but you forgot
Still think he was all that you got

All children grew and left the house
No more work, as being a spouse
Grandchildren grew and ran away
You wish to see them everyday

Now, you're living with loneliness
You try to talk, but stay speechless
Thinking of what you've accomplished
Time's now enemy, you're selfish

No desire to eat and drink
No postcard now, pen has no ink
Tv's off, no music, no read
You're out of time, there's no more speed

What is this new feeling in you
You can't answer if I ask you
You look all day through the window
Nothing happens, wait for the show

Can't see a single expression
I watch you down in depression
You seem to wait, wish to embrace
Something I'm not prepared to face

Grandma Talk

Every week, I take my phone
It is cyclic, you are alone
Always happy, when I call you
What is the point? Just hearing you

Every time, you hear my voice
You know it's mine, not so much choice
Glad to see me, you say my name
It's a long time, since I last came

I know it's late, but I still call
Almost asleep, it's immoral
Dear, How are you ? I'm just asking
Like an old lady ! You're answering

You ask ten time ; before you knew
Still have my job ; there's nothing new
Really don't know, what's on your brain
I do answer, hiding the pain

We talk and talk, during my walk
I always have, something in stock
Conversations, like disco songs
Contradictions, without no wrongs

You say your cold, and tell the time
You say your old, It's not a crime
It turns so long, talk never ends
I will hang up, joining my friends

I just told you, that I was gay
You ask again, how was your day ?
I try to know, if you follow ?
Maybe you try, but you wont know

Not a defeat, I do not blame
Make me repeat, It's not a shame
For now we talk, this is the deal
I wish I could, see you for real

© BCDF studio
Marcelle était ma grand mère. Elle roulait les "r" comme personne avec son phrasé patois. Quand je venais la visiter, elle me demandait toujours "Quand est ce que tu repars ?". J'étais toujours sûr de manger une gougère au fromage, une salade d'endives, et de repartir avec un pot de confiture à la rhubarbe.